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The Communities of Calling Initiative partners with congregations to create projects that help Christians discover and deepen their sense of God’s calling in their lives. The Initiative is a five-year project funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc., and housed at the Collegeville Institute.
Congregations are the best places for God’s people to be inspired and equipped to live out their callings each day. —Jack Fortin, The Centered Life

Vocation is the heart of the Christian life.

We believe people are created for relationship with God who calls to us all life long and invites our creative response.

Through the past 8 years of study, research, and reflection on vocation in the Collegeville Institute Seminars, we have seen transformations happen when individuals and communities come to see their lives as part of God’s purposes in the world.

We believe that rediscovering vocation—as both the general calling to discipleship shared by Christians and our particular callings (to people, places, and work)—can help revitalize the local church for its mission in the world.

We’re eager to deepen our theological work on calling (and discover new directions) alongside our partner congregations in the new Communities of Calling initiative.

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