Sabbath as a Vocational Practice Retreat

Daily life demands a lot from each of us. Our callings pull us in many directions — a reality that makes the practice of Sabbath even more necessary.  

To pause from work and worry, if even for an afternoon, can renew energy for the day-to-day grind. To worship, withdraw, wonder, walk, and welcome others draws us closer to God the source of our callings.  

In this retreat, you’ll find prayers, reflections, and activity suggestions to help you and your congregation engage Sabbath. Please adapt the retreat as you see fit. Our hope is that you will come away from this retreat time rested and renewed for the callings that lay ahead.  

Retreat Preparations

The Retreat Preparation PDF contains:

  • a video introduction to Sabbath as a vocational practice
  • a schedule for the retreat that can be adapted for your own context
  • a biblical reflection on Jesus’s healing on the Sabbath
  • a brief audio account of Sabbath learnings
  • a “checklist” for creating your own regular Sabbath practice

These materials are designed to be reviewed ahead of the retreat.

Retreat Preparation PDF

Retreat Worship
& Discussion Guide

The Retreat Worship & Discussion Guide contains:

  • prayers for welcoming the Sabbath, gathering, and leaving the retreat
  • prompts for individual reflection and group conversation
  • space for journaling

This booklet is designed to be printed and used on the retreat.

Retreat Worship & Discussion Guide PDF