Check out these resources on calling to explore vocation with your community!

New Resources

Examples of Congregational Projects on Calling

  • Creative Strategies on Callinga webinar offering practical ideas for starting or continuing efforts around vocation and calling in your congregational community. Chris Braudaway-Bauman, pastor of Frist Congregational Church in Boulder, shares her story of an innovative, multi-year effort around vocation from Wellesley Village Church. Laura Kelly Fanucci also shares an overview of the Exploring Vocation in Community program in which 10 congregations worked on vocation: project examples, key findings, and best practices. Click here to download the webinar PowerPoint. Additionally, Chris shares an example schedule and brochure from the GIFT in Testimony program.

Small Group Programs

Small Group Programs:

Called to Life is a 6-week program for small groups in parishes and congregations to explore questions of vocation and calling—how God works in our everyday lives.

Called to Work is a 6-week program for small groups in parishes and congregations to explore questions of vocation and profession—how God calls in our everyday work.

All materials are available for free online for participants and facilitators.

Pastor Jason Van Hunnik of Westwood Lutheran Church (who presented at the June 2019 meeting) developed curricula for small groups on calling available online:

Leif Kehrwald of the C3 Project from Vibrant Faith designed 14 modules to help people discover God’s calling through major life transitions. They are designed in a concise format so they can be used in a variety of settings – individual, home, small groups, or whole church community.

Each module is designed using a three movement process: 1) What’s Changing in My Life, 2) What’s Emerging in My Life?, and 3) How Should I Be Living My Life?



  • Lives Explored is a video storytelling project on vocation. We ask everyday Christians how they see God at work in their lives. Watch how their struggles, joys, and questions capture what calling means today.
  • Foundations of Discernment from the Community of Christ curates voices speaking about vocation.

Worship & Prayer Resources

Worship & Prayer Resources