Project Planning Overview

What could you do in your congregation to awaken and strengthen people’s sense of God’s calling in their lives?

Step 1: Listening + Learning

Listen to your congregation and learn where God may be calling your community.

Read 2 books to deepen your learning on vocation
Do 2-3 listening activities in your congregation

Step 2: Discerning

Discern your project’s focus by interpreting what you have discovered in listening to your congregation and learning about vocation.

Do 2-3 discernment activities:
Discuss the following questions with your leadership team to decide your focus for Year 1 of your project:
  • What existing ministries could be adapted to have a vocational focus? What new efforts might your congregation create?
  • Will you create one big project or multiple smaller projects?
  • How will you integrate calling into different areas of your congregational life following the pray/study/work model? (e.g., worship, religious education, social justice or community service)
  • How will your project engage personal calling and communal calling?

Step 3: Planning

Begin planning your project, drawing from what you have discerned and discovered.

Step 4: Launching

Launch your project in fall 2019 based on what you have planned for Year One.

  • Complete the Final Project Proposal following the June meeting (forthcoming)
  • Submit Final Project Proposal, Year 1 Budget, and Grant Agreement Letter between July 1-Aug. 1, 2019, for review by CCI staff
  • Upon acceptance of the Project Proposal + Budget, project funds will be paid to congregations between Aug.1-Sept. 1, 2019
  • Launch project activities in fall 2019