Core Team Resources

Deepen your understanding of vocation
  • Dive into books from the Collegeville Institute Seminars
  • Check out our growing collection of vocation resources
  • Sign-up for our e-newsletter: Call & Respond—Your Vocation Toolkit
Learn from other churches
  • See what our partner congregations are doing
  • Imagine how to support your members’ callings
  • Adapt existing ministries or create a new effort around vocation
Reflect on where your church could grow
  • Pray: worship, preaching, prayer
  • Study: adult education, small groups, Sunday school
  • Work: social justice, outreach ministries, community service
Renew your own sense of calling
  • Pray with biblical stories of calling
  • Reflect on vocation stories in Lives Explored
  • Learn about spiritual practices like lectio divina
Strengthen your congregation
  • Listen in new ways to stories of calling
  • Connect with community partners to address local needs
  • Learn skills for evaluating and sustaining ministries
Total of congregations
For each congregation's project on vocation
Trip to Israel to explore biblical stories of calling (funded at 50% for up to 28 participants)
Opening retreat in Collegeville (100% of travel costs, room & board covered)
People Per Team
Year Commitment
Annual meetings at the Collegeville Institute (100% of travel costs, room & board covered)

Call & Respond—Your Vocation Tool Kit!

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